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Eat your heart out Guys

While doing the normal fathers day outing, Kylie ended up boating the biggest fish. From what I understand they had quite a few good that broke the line while trying to reel these big bass in. Mom was seen hitting dad with the fish pole in disgust of big bass breaking her line due to dad not changing it in the past 4 years. Congrats kiddo!


Fighting Battles to win the war - where do you stand?

This coming Saturday April 13th in Gouverneur NY at 2pm in the Park we are holding a rally. So if any of you can clear your schedule to come show support and send a message downstate, it would be greatly appreciated.

There are going to be a number of guest speakers from around the county. This is going to be a rain or shine event. If you want to protect your rights...not just the 2nd amendment...all amendments....please come and get involved.

Leave Young Wildlife

If you find young wildlife or baby birds: leave them alone. Or in more poetic terms: If you care, leave them there. It may be difficult to do, but this is a real act of kindness, and in nearly all cases is the best thing to do. Wild animals are not well suited for life in captivity and they may carry diseases that can be given to people. Resist the temptation to take them out of the wild. Does often leave their fawns during the daytime hours while they are browsing.

However, when you encounter a young wild animal that is obviously injured or orphaned, you may wish to call a Wildlife Rehabilitator for advice and help. Wildlife Rehabilitators are volunteers licensed by DEC, and are the only people legally allowed to receive and treat distressed wildlife. They have the experience, expertise and facilities to successfully treat wild animals. The goal of the rehabilitator is to release a healthy animal back into the wild, where it belongs.

Hunters Courses Coming Up

For all of you folks needing a hunters, bow hunters, Waterfowl  or trapper courses, you need to get signed up and pre registered to get in. As a past instructor for years...you instructors need to get word out in your area as well as using the DEC's website for upcoming course you plan on giving. I am being asked by a lot of people about courses in our area. Seems we are in short supply and if any of you folks would love to teach and share your knowledge, being an instructor is a rewarding experience. Go here to learn more about what it takes to become a NYS Instructor.

Increased License Fees

Normally I try to steer clear of any politics or opinions...but I just finished up reading the proposed license fee increases taking place after October 1 on the NYS DEC website and felt compelled to write about it. I guess what seems to plague me the most is for what bases do the fees need to be increased in the first place? The majority of people I know in our area have either lost their job due to lay-offs or are skimping along doing their best with what monies they have to work with working just above minimum wage. read more

Hunting in New York - We have a sister site that is totally devoted to big and small game hunting here in New York State. There are a large number of articles....some informational and some humors ones. If you find that you can't find a particular article  on something you would like to know more about, let us know and we will make sure one is available. This site also contains information such as hunter safety course being offered and up to date changes and information concerning New York Sportsmen like you.


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