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Welcome to the New York Sportsmen on-line E-Zine.


My name is Eric Edie and I am the owner and Chief Editor of the New York Sportsmen, an on-line magazine (e-zine).  This site is dedicated to all of you that love to fish, camp and hunt in this great state of New York.  We are now going on our 14th year of being on-line bringing you informative and sometime even humors stories that we feel might interest you.

It is our hope that we can make this the main on-line watering hole for all New York State Sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts. How is that going to happen? It takes people like you that would like to get involved by offering articles, pictures and news of what's happening in your area that would be of interest to other sportsmen.

We are in the process of setting up a few drawings that will be held in the future to get a chance to fish or hunt with one of us. Have a disability?? We will accommodate you to make sure you get in the game. We are also in the process of having gear such as sweat shirts, t-shits and hats for sale on the site for those of you that have asked about it.

Are there topics you would like to read about that you don't see here on our site? Send us your ideas and suggestions on how to make this site better and topics you would like to read more about.

Our field staff are hand picked with the idea that they must meet the criteria of having a passion for the outdoors and willingness to share those experiences and tips with others.

See you out in the field....


Owner and Editor of "The New York Sportsmen"