Fishing in Heuvelton NY...

We tend to fish the upper stretch of the river above the dam. There is a boat launch located just outside of Heuvelton on the  Heuvelton - Rensselaer falls road (County Route 15) for smaller boats and trailers. If your looking for some great Bass, Northern Pike, crappie, sunfish, Carp, catfish and walleyes....this is a great spot. Its not that large of a body of water with going upstream, you will see a set of rapids with large boulders and downstream the dam.

Fishing for Walleyes -We tend to use 1/4 ounce jigs with night crawlers for the walleye, slowly drifting using the wind to our favor. Best color choices are orange, yellow and white or any of these color combinations.

Fishing for Bass - I like using any top water lure as well as using rubber weed less worms where you can toss the worm right into the think vegetations where large Bass like to stay. Keep your boat positioned about 20 feet off-shore and slowly work your way down the river bank tossing close to shore under the overhanging branches and submerged logs.