Finally the day before walleye season had arrived. This trip is planned every year and is dubbed guys weekend getaway. A few calls were made back and forth making sure everything was taken care of from food to camp necessities like toilet paper. It’s not a good thing to get into camp with no toilet paper

Everyone was in camp by 7pm on Friday and the evening was spent catching up on what everyone had been doing since hunting season. We are a close nit family that really enjoys hunting and fishing together, and our basic goal is to teach the young ones the right way of doing things.

Opening day of walleye fishing had arrived and all of us were out on the lake by first light. This is somewhat surprising since the younger guys had been up bullhead fishing till 3am. They wanted fresh fish for supper and had caught close to 50 bullheads that had to be at least 13 inching long.

We had split up into three groups to cover the maximum amount of ground possible. I hooked the first one as day broke on the horizon; we needed at least a 15 inches to call it a keeper. This one was 14 and was returned to grow a bit more. Total days catch… one keeper walleye at 21 inching long that had been caught by my nephew Matt Blake.

What’s the best way to catch walleyes on a smaller body of water? You can either troll using a green mountain grabber or if you have some wind that causes a nice chop on the water (waves) you can go to using jigs and drifting. I tend to do the later; I look for an overcast day that even includes rain to get out the jigs.

While most fisherman are looking out the windows saying who is that crazy idiot heading out onto the pond in this weather, we are headed to areas that will allow the wind to blow us over areas that we feel hold walleyes. The best way is to attach a worm to the jig and allow just enough tail (amount of worm from the hook back) to cause a little action. The trick to walleye fishing is not to set the hook on the initial bite, you have to be patient and let him really grab hold.

The other trick is that you have to be on the bottom which means a lot of snags. Years ago my brother in law went to making all of our jigs because it was actually cheaper than continually buying them. Be prepared for a lot of lure losses, but the rewards are great in catching walleye by keeping the jig bouncing bottom.

Life is too short and if it’s been awhile since you spent time with family and friends fishing and enjoying time together, do it now. The rewards are great and if you actually catch anything, consider that a bonus. Speaking of which, my 4 year old grand daughter informed me that Papa needed to buy her a fishing pole so that she could go out in the boat and fish with me. I ended up buying two outfits knowing that my other grand daughter of 2 years would be looking for the same.