This was my first year of fishing for walleyes on the St.Lawrence River. It may seem somewhat odd that I had never fished there, because I have lived in the area for better than 30 years and not once ventured over there to fish.

A friend had told be after retiring that he had bought a great fishing outfit and had been fishing both sides of the river with success for walleyes. If you ever venture onto the St.Lawrence River, keep in mind that there is an invisible line that separates the US side from the Canadian.

My suggestion is to purchase both the NY and Canadian fishing license so one does not have to worry where you happen to be at any given time fishing. We put in at the public boat launch at Lisbon Beach. This has to be one of the best camp grounds around. They have areas set-up to bring in your camper and a superior set of boat docks for mooring your boat while camping. This also includes a double boat launch area to put the boats in.

If your looking for a all around good area to go fishing and camp while your there, this gets a three star rating. Ok… back to fishing walleye, after getting all the gear into the boat we headed downstream toward the dam. All along the way the fish finder was marking fish just off the bottom at 25 to 35 feet down which I assumed were walleyes.

Once at the dam, we set-up up the rigs with one ounce bottom bouncer and an assorted colors of spinner blades or worm harness that were double hook set-up, with a size 2 hook. Night crawlers were used to entice the fish.

The trick was to pull up to the downstream side of the dam and toss the  worm as far as possible ahead of the boat, once this was done, Dick (my friend with a new boat) would put the boat in reverse and gun it to get ahead of the line. We were fishing the US side and an 18 inch walleye is considered a keeper. We were doing a catch and release so size was only important in bragging rights.

We had a great success, sometimes getting doubles. The trick is to get in onto the bottom where the walleye are. This requires at least an ounce weight to get it down and to have it stay there. Expect to become snagged a number of times and the trick to becoming un snagged is to drive the boat ahead of the lure and it will usually let go.

He invited me to go the next day and any other day that I had a hankering to go. You know what? The fishing was great but being with a friend to share time together meant more to me in the long run. Had we not caught any fish the outing would still be deemed a great day. Hunting stories were swapped and of course fish stores were shared where a six inch walleye could become a 26 inch as the story was retold.

Take the time out of your busy schedule to take a youngster fishing, the rewards are great. If it’s been a while since you wet a line, get your butt out there and start relaxing. I understand with the price of fuel some people have expressed a reluctance to even pull the boat out. Don’t allow this to dampen your spirits; can you put a price on giving your body a chance to reenergize? Good luck fishing!