Hunting License Fees



I just finished up reading the proposed license fee increases taking place after October 1 on the NYS DEC website. I guess what seems to plague me the most is for what bases do the fees need to be increased in the first place? The majority of people I know in our area have either lost their job due to lay-offs or are skimping along doing their best with what monies they have to work with working just above minimum wage.

So where do I think the states revenue from sporting licenses are going to go? Here is my with anything, the higher the cost, the less people will buy of it. Take gasoline for instance, it is something we have come to need to get us from home to work or school and just about anywhere else. Most of us considers it a need...yet when the price spiked, the majority curbed their weekly uses by car pooling, biking or walking and gasoline sales plummeted.

So lets relate that to the license fees increase. My gut feeling is that you are going to take a lot of people that would normally have bought a hunting or fishing license either quit the sport entirely because it has become too expensive or they will go from a law abiding citizen to that of the outlaw class doing it illegally. I would also consider the majority of people/hunters in our area as substance hunters in that they are hunting to try and get meat in the freezer to help with the food budget.

I really think our sport is going to suffer from these plans put into place and I also feel we are going to loose a lot of our fellow sportsmen and of course their future generations not getting a chance at enjoying the sport. I understand the State is in a financial crisis and trying to make up for short comings of revenues lost during these economic times, but NYS is not alone in this and should be the leader on how to get out of it.

Do you really want a stable New York? Get people working again to pay taxes, give new business incentives to move their businesses here, give existing ones some breathing room and breaks to get people back to the job sites again and offer low interest loans to small start-ups. I was born and raised here in New York and still feel this is the best place to live and raise a family.

So you folks in Albany need to really start listening to the people of the state that put you there. Increasing sporting licenses, ATV and snowmobile registrations prices and increased taxes are not going to work. Less is more...the less the cost, the more you sell, and in the end you will have more monies in the coffers. Short term planning here is not going to work. Long term and future generations have to be taken into consideration and the revenue that would have been generated had they had a chance to enjoy what New York has to offer.

We already have the data on what took place in our area with the increased snowmobile and ATV registrations. There was a big loss of a lot of recreational income from locals as well as people coming into the area to ride the trails that has yet to recover. I can name at least 10 people off the top of my head including myself that either sold their machines or stopped registering them and leaving them in the garage.

Are we now going to see the same with our sportsmen of either selling their hunting and fishing equipment including boats, ATV's, UTV's and rifles and walking away from the sport? I guess only time will tell. What do you think? Send us your responce