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Are You Looking To Paint Your Farm Or Garden Tractor??

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What and how is the best way to paint your tractor? That depends on you of how skilled you are and how much of a restoration or the quality you’re looking for.  We have many that simply use a paint brush and hardener and all they are looking to go is to keep the old girl from rusting too much and they are work tractors. Here the shop, we spray all of our paint using an air compressor and paint sprayer. We do light coats each time and apply up to 4 coats so that it will last out in the elements. We do a 50/50 paint & thinner as the mix. Like anything else, with paint…you usually get what you paid for. Many of our gallons of paint run around $80.00 each and is worth every penny. We do not use the hardener when spraying the paint on. So far we have tractors 5 years out that still look great. We went through a lot of paint companies before deciding on this company to buy and sell their paint. We even tried the OEM paint from local dealers and they are not as good as what we sell today.

First things first….you need a clean work surface so a pressure washer will usually do the trick. For around the engine, we suggest a degreaser and a putty knife get the bulk of the oil and dirt buildup or if you happen to have a pressure washer that shoots hot water and a degreaser…all the better.

We then dismantle most of the removable parts such as the fenders, hoods, loaders if that tractor has one and then tape over any of the gauges and model & Serial number plates on the engine.  We then use sandpaper to roughen up the areas that are to be painted. For a restoration, sandblasting is the way to go. Take your time painting and make sure you get a good cover for each coat. Make sure it is in a dry place and at least 68 degrees with good ventilation.

We give the drying time on each coat at least 24 hours. After the last coat has had a good amount of time to dry, you can start putting the new decals on, put all the parts you took off to paint back on and clean up where you had taped. We sell the paint and hardener. We sell the paint by the spray can, quart or gallon.

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